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Repellent | Definition of Repellent at Dictionaryom- repellent exportdefinitie woordenboekdefinities ,Repellent definition, causing distaste or aversion; repulsive. See more.Repellant - betekenis en definitie | Engels WoordenboekSynoniemen: rebarbative, repellent. Voorbeeldzinnen No matter what I'm going to the beach! Towel and trunks. Insect repellant! Notified as Repellant. Notified as repellant Poland. Pepper Notified as repellant. Notified as repellant. Garlic extract Notified as repellant ...

Repellent - betekenis en definitie | Engels Woordenboek

Betekenis van 'repellent' inclusief synoniemen en voorbeeldzinnen. Avoid insect, bird and rodent infestation during transport by the use of insect- and rodent-proof containers and other appropriate methods and, if necessary, by applying insect- and rodent-repellent chemical treatments if they are approved for the intended end use of the grain.

Repellent | Definition of Repellent by Merriam-Webster

Repellent definition is - serving or tending to drive away or ward off —often used in combination. How to use repellent in a sentence.

REPELLENT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

repellent definition: 1. a substance used to repel something: 2. making you feel strong disapproval and that you do not…. Learn more.

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Vertalingen van 'repellent' in het gratis Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en vele andere Nederlandse vertalingen.

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